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Radio Frequency Welding

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Radio Frequency Welding

APPF is one of the leaders in this industry that provides high radio frequency welding services using innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology combined with decades of experience.

Radio-frequency welding, also known as dielectric welding and high-frequency welding, is a plastic welding process that utilizes high-frequency electric fields to induce heating and melting of thermoplastic base materials.[1] The electric field is applied by a pair of electrodes after the parts being joined are clamped together. The clamping force is maintained until the joint solidifies. Advantages of this process are fast cycle times (on the order of a few seconds), automation, repeatability, and good weld appearance. Only plastics which have dipoles can be heated using radio waves and therefore not all plastics are able to be welded using this process. “Wikipediae”.

Why Choose Radio Frequency Welding?

RF Sealed Seams are Stronger Than the Original Materials
  • The ability to seal custom products with complex patterns or designs.
  • Can form both small and large products.
  • Can join multiple layers of similar or dissimilar polar-molecular materials.
  • Seams with heavy resistance to ripping.

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