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APPF, Inc. Specializes in Contract Manufacturing to Customer Prints, RF Welding, Heat Sealing & Sewing

APPF, Inc. is an experienced government contractor manufacturing to customer prints. Inflatables, Spill Containment, Drinking Water Catchments, Tank Liners, and Custom Oil Booms.
What APPF will do for you.

Looking for a competitively priced domestic Manufacturing Partner to produce your RF welded or sewn PVC or Urethane component to spec in the USA?

Let us show you what we can do. Just send us your requirements including the general scale of the project with a set of AutoCAD drawings and an example of the part (if you have one), and we will provide you with a quote at no cost or obligation.

We specialize in RF welding PVC & Urethane and have extensive experience with both large and small inflatables, including air beams.

When it comes to RF welding and industrial sewing work, APPF brings more than 25 years of experience to your product development team. We do more than rapid prototyping. Our development work begins with process engineering considerations, front and center. We help you design parts that can be mass produced cost effectively, with the highest level of quality. We have right tools, people, equipment, and long-term relationships with leading materials suppliers and tool makers to help make your project successful and financially feasible. The work begins with prototyping followed by 1st articles for approval, and the option to place a small proof of concept order before going into full scale production. We are able to serialize parts and track raw material lots if required. Let us help you take your project from concept to reality.

We are a successful development house with a strong track record of doing military, medical, and industrial work for a wide range of clients. Several of our projects have resulted in patented products for our customers. An example of a project that illustrates our product development skills involves a patented radar reflective gunnery target balloon we designed in house. See the sell sheetfor our Killer Tomato Target Balloon on this web site. We licensed the Killer Tomatoes®* product name from the Hollywood movie producer W.Finletter Films, whose films of the same name inspired the US Navy to nickname the large orange targets Killer Tomatoes®*. We build an outstanding target as evidenced by the fact that APPF was recently awarded a 5-year contract by the DLA to supply the US Navy inflatable gunnery targets. We also have a contract with NATO to supply our high performance radar reflective target balloons to other friendly Navies worldwide.

* Killer Tomatoes® are a word mark and graphic Trademark & Copyright owned by W. Finletter Films, LLC, with respect to the movie. Killer Tomatoes® are used with permission. No registration of the term Killer Tomatoes® is implied or claimed with respect to target balloons

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