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APPF Killer Tow-Mato Target

Two-Mato modular target balloon
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The new Tow-Mato Target Balloon system

APPF Inc. developed its next-generation of Target balloon/buoy for use in training exercises, man over board drills, and race marker buoys. Out new model is the “Running Tow-mato”. Is designed to be easy to deploy. Easy to unpack, set up, inflate, launch and recover. The APPF “Killer Tomatoes”®* Running Tow-mato is designed to be towed behind the Naval ship or for use with auxiliary vessel. Tow able speed up to 25 knots in Sea State #1. Tow-mato replicates a moving target for shooting practice.

Our patented design includes mounting the technically advanced radar reflector in the “Catch Rain Position” as high as possible within the target. This results in a stronger radar image. Radar visible at 10 miles (16.1 km.) in calm sea conditions is typical. The APPF “Killer Tomatoes”® can be recovered using the floating trip line.

Industrial sewing station focused on balloon assembly

APPF “Killer Tomatoes”® NSN-6920-TOW

NSN-6920-TOW – The radar image of our target buoys is strong because the internally mounted US Coast Guard tested radar reflector generates 13.2 sq. yds. (12 m./.012 km.) of effective Radar Cross Section in the X or 3CM Band (9-9.6 GHz Frequency) based on optimum orientation.
Our target buoy can be easily inflated with a leaf-blower. Water filled adjustable ballast stabilizes towing and prevents spinning and tumbling.
*Killer Tomatoes ® are a word mark and graphic Trademark & Copyright owned by W. Finletter Films, LLC, with respect to the movie.
Killer Tomatoes are used with permission. No registration of the term Killer Tomatoes is implied or claimed with respect to target balloons. US Patent 6,692,416 B1, 7,932,850 B1 and other Patents Pending.

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