Veterinarian Marietta

Veterinarian Marietta

All dogs are part of the family, and so we should be just as vigilant about their medical care, as we are about ours. At Good Dog Veterinary Care, we are a veterinarian in Marietta, who provides comprehensive vet care for our canine friends. Our services include medicine, surgery, and wellness plans.

Choosing the best vet for your dog

We spend a lot of time worrying about our own health and trying to find the best doctors for ourselves. The case is no different for your dog, and the ideal vet care can make all the difference in their lives. You can search online or ask around from your friends and family to find reliable places.

It is worth searching for several places near where you live so that you have options in case of an emergency. Choose places that specifically deal with canines, like ours, so that you know you’re getting specialized care. Look at the range of services they offer. A great vet clinic should offer a diverse range of services that cover dental care, medicine, nutrition, and surgery.

About our canine wellness programs

We find that a lot of medical issues in pets were preventable if the owners had the proper knowledge and education to treat the problem. Just like in humans, medical issues in pets have a lot to do with their nutrition and grooming. Our wellness programs equip owners with all they need to know about bringing up a dog, right from puppyhood to adulthood.

We have three separate plans: puppy, adult, and senior. Puppies and senior dogs have issues that owners need to be extra vigilant about, so they deserve separate plans. We will cover everything from behavior, nutrition, vaccines to routine veterinary care. If you’re looking for a specialized canine veterinarian in Marietta, contact us.

The veterinary services we offer

We offer an outstanding range of veterinary services, covering medical procedures, wellness, surgery, and dental care. For internal medicine, we specialize in treating diabetes, heart problems, cancer, and kidney disease in dogs. We also offer breeding management. Our diagnostic care includes an in-house lab, radiography, and blood tests.

We treat all kinds of diseases, from parasites, skin conditions to infectious cases, and provide dental care, such as dental exams, teeth cleaning, and dental surgery. Our general surgery includes spaying and neutering, soft tissue, and orthopedic surgery.

Tips to get your dogs to be more active

While some dogs love physical activity, you have to drag others on their bums to get them to do anything. The key is to engage with them socially as much as possible. For example, playing fetch is more likely to energize them than merely running with them.

If your dog suffered an injury, you might have to try out canine physical therapy to get them running again. Hydrotherapy is also increasingly popular now to encourage them to walk again.

Are you looking for a veterinarian in Marietta that caters explicitly to dogs? Head over to Good Dog Veterinary Care or contact us.

Veterinarian Marietta
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Veterinarian Marietta
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