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Industrial Sewing Services

We have been in this sector and have the most qualified workforce. With decades of experience and along with advanced sewing equipment, has led us to the point where we use the most advanced programmable sewing equipment allows us to create reliable, high-quality products for a range of industries. Examples of our sewing services include: panels for military structures, inflatable products, industrial webbing, which include numerous materials.
In addition to manufacturing modular bed systems, we also provide premium fabric panels for military structures, inflatable products, and industrial webbing straps to our clients. We work with a number of materials, including polyester, cotton, nylon, triple-laminated PVC, and urethane.
Each of you is important to us, thus we offer a variety of stitching techniques, customized feature choices, hot stamping, and screen printing services to match your individual demands. Learn more about our industrial sewing services by reading on..

Our Industrial Sewing Services

So, to keep it short let’s quickly go over the sewing services we provide to our customers.

Programmable Sewing Services

Materials We Work With

Our industrial sewing services assist in the production of many different goods, such as cloth panels for military structures, inflatables, and industrial webbing straps.

We work with a diverse range of materials, like:

  • polyester
  • cotton
  • nylon
  • triple-laminated PVC
  • webbing
  • urethane.
We value the quality of produced goods and use the highest quality materials available to produce durable products that will stand the test of time.

Screen Printing and Hot Stamping

As a last value-added service, we provide screen printing and hot stamping services. This enables us to provide our clients with fully integrated turnkey manufacturing solutions.

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