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APPF manufactures both directly and as a subcontractor, various products for the defense industry and different branches of the government. We have experience working with various specialized materials, shapes and sizes. APPF complies with DOD standards, including Berry Amendment, ITAR, NIST, and FAR/DFARS.

Materials worked on:

  • PVC
  • TPU
  • Laminates
  • Kevlar
  • Water proof and resistant material
  • Specialized materials

Products Manufactured:

  • Target Balloons
  • Shelter structures and covers
  • Large area maintenance Structures (“LAMS”)
  • Gas Mask components
  • Med packs
  • Noise attenuation panels /soundproofing
  • Missile recovery floats
  • Fuel tanks
  • Recovery buoy
  • Water resistant bags
  • Various Covers
  • Tarps made of various specialized materials
  • Protective gear

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