Sand Blast Cabinet

Are you looking for a quality sand blast cabinet? Badboy Blasters has what you want, at a price you won’t believe. As a family-owned business, Badboy Blasters is committed to the total satisfaction of each and every customer, ensuring the highest quality product by making their cabinets in the USA from the finest materials.

Are you looking for a unit that can handle anything you throw at it? Badboy Blasters has one of the largest sand blast cabinet units in the country, as well as everything you could need, including media blasters, bead blasters, abrasive sand blasters and much more. With many years of experience, they have been named as one of the best companies in the industry for what they do.

Take a closer look at their Soda Media Sand Blast Cabinet BB850LED that is priced very affordably and able to be financed at just $80 a month. You can apply for financing right on the website at and rent the unit without a large upfront cost. The BB850LED is a direct pressure sand blast cabinet that comes in any color you can imagine. It offers 37” x 29” in work space and vacuum features that make working with it a dream. Its all-welded cabinet has a self-contained 600CFM vacuum system with a filter and an internal LED lighting system.

This is a great little unit that you’ll surely find a lot of use for in the shop, and it has been made to last, with quality materials and American ingenuity. Check out the online video that shows the BB850LED in use to determine whether it would serve your needs.

Another very popular Abrasive media Sand Blast Cabinet is the BB1050LED, available at just $88 per month. Take a look at the online video showing this model cleaning a handgun in less than 3 minutes and you’ll be a believer! The BB1050 has vacuum features and provides a generous work space of 29” x 48”. Its natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves will protect your hands and arms during blasting yet are not so bulky that you’ll find it difficult to work.

The BB1050 LED system features an internal LED lighting system and a self-contained 600CFM vacuum system with a filter, so you can reuse the media many times before having to replace. As an optional add-on to this unit, you can purchase a center-mounted hands-free blasting gun that will make your workload even easier.

Find out more about these and other models when you go online to If you have questions for any of the cabinets you see, feel free to call tech support at 330-413-5262 and allow their experts to point you to the right product for your needs.

Badboy Blasters has your complete satisfaction in mind when they sell you a sand blast cabinet. Whether you’re tired of paying the high costs of a shop to do your blasting or you want to offer blasting as an optional service at your location, you’ll find Badboy Blasters has exactly what you’re looking for.
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Sand Blast Cabinet
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