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RF Welding (Heat Sealing) & Sewing Services, Building Fabric panels for  Large Area Maintenance Structures to OEM Customer Specifications.

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2 Shelters Completed
2 Shelters Completed
Clamshell Shelter
Clamshell Shelter
Predator in Shelter
Predator in Shelter
APPF partnered with
Clamshell Buildings on this project

With our superior radio frequency (RF) welding services, APPF Inc. custom fabricates large area maintenance shelter (LAMS) tension building panels, made from 23 oz. triple laminate PVC, for clients in the military & private industry. We begin each project with a customer-supplied print and a 2D auto CAD drawing. Using our clients CAD engineering drawings, we develop a manufacturing process by dividing up the job into a series of Sewing and RF Welding operations along with the design of tooling and fixtures. Once tooling and fixtures are created and validated the process engineering phase is complete, leading to full scale production. 

 We use industrial sewing machines to fabricate the rope edge (keder) as well as fastening points along both edges of the 100 foot long panel.These panels typically measure 12 feet in width and weigh in excess of 300 lbs. One of our 3, computer driven, moving head track welders on a 130 foot long table is used to complete the fabrication. The final LAMS tension building panels weigh 300 lbs. We pride ourselves on holding tolerances, as tight as +/- 1/16", and perform ISO-9001:2008 in-process testing and inspection.

Our commitment to unparalleled quality is what sets us apart from other companies. As a result of our superior RF welding processes, each project-such as our work with LAMS panels-bears the mark of our expertise. With the latest technology fueling our work, we consistently deliver the best in plastic heat sealing services

We also offer for Fabric panel restoration services. We're pleased to provide a 30-day turnaround time. To learn more about our panel fabricating capabilities, please contact us.

RF Welded Building Panels Specifications

Product Description This fabric building panel is used by the Military
Capabilities Applied/Processes

RF Welding / Heat Sealing
Industrial Sewing:      

  • Sewn Rope Edge (Keder)        
  • Sewn Webbing Pull Straps
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Forsstrom (RF Welder/Heat Sealer)     
  • Computer Driven Moving Head Track Welder
  • 130' Table

   Juki Industrial Sewing Machines

Overall Part Dimensions Length: 100'+
Width: 12'+
Edge: Custom Keder Rope Edge to Client's Specification
Tightest Tolerances +/-1/2"
Material Used 23 oz Triple Laminate PVC
Features Double Sided Pull Straps Along Rope Edge
Inflated TPU Tubes      
  • Inflated TPU Tubes also Manufactured by APPF
No Splices on Webbing Allowed
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed ISO 9001:2008
Estimated Product Weight 300 lbs.
Industry for Use Government, Military & Private Industry
Turn Around Time 30 Days
Packaging Packed in Plastic Bags & Strapped on Pallets
Ship Point Garden Grove, California
  • FOB our Factory
Standards Met Per customer supplied prints,and specifications
Product Name Fabric Building Panel for Large Area Maintanance Structures (LAMS)

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