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RF Sealing of PVC Catheter Bag for the Medical Industry

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RF Sealed Catheter Bag End
RF Sealed Catheter
Bag End
RF Sealed Catheter Bag for the Medical Industry
RF Sealed Catheter Bag
for the Medical Industry
RF Sealed Catheter Bag Side View
RF Sealed Catheter
Bag Side View
2-Cycle RF Welder for Making Catheter Bags
2-Cycle RF Welder for
making Catheter Bags
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RF Welding of a PVC
Catheter Bag
Catheter Bag Part on a Hot Stamper
Catheter Bag part
on a Hot Stamper

A perfect example of our radio frequency (RF) sealing services, this custom PVC catheter bag is designed for use within medical applications. From tooling and process engineering development to RF welding and printing, APPF Inc. handles every aspect of bag sub-assembly fabrication. We use hot stamp printing, with Pantone black 6 C to apply the necessary details to the bag. Made from customer specified PVC, the bag is fabricated with a 10-kW 2-cycle RF welder. The drainage bag is built to customer specified dimension. To ensure precision and quality, we hold tolerances down to +/- .05 mm and adhere closely to a customer-supplied print and 2D CAD drawing. This Customers PVC catheter bag took approximately 6 weeks to develop to his specifications.

Whether we're manufacturing sensitive medical products or working on military applications, we know our superior RF sealing services are making a difference. To learn how we can accommodate you and to read more about this project, please see details below or contact APPF.

RF Sealed Catheter Bag Specifications

Product Description This Catheter Bag is used within medical applications
Capabilities Applied/Processes Tooling & Process Engineering Development
RF Welding
  • Hot Stamping
  • Print Using Pantone Black 6 C
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 10 kW 2 Cycle RF Welder
  • Weld Quality validation
Overall Part Dimensions Drainage Bag:
Customer Specified
Tightest Tolerances ±.05mm
Material Used Customer Specified
Estimated Product Weight 1.0oz.
Industry for Use Medical
Turn Around Time 4-6 Weeks
Packaging Bulk Packed
Delivery Location FOB our Factory in Garden Grove, California
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
ISO 9001:2008
FDA Class 1
Product Name PVC Catheter Bag

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