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Radio Frequency Welding Services

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Double Shuttle 4 Post Computer Drive 30kW RF Sealer
Double Shuttle 4 Post Computer
Driven 30kW RF Sealer
Computer Driven Dual Head RF Sealer
Computer Driven Dual Head RF Sealer
130' Dual Head Forsstrom Track Welder
130’ Dual Head Forsstrom Track Welder

Looking for a domestic supplier that can RF weld and sew your Vinyl or Urethane components to specification? A reliable supplier that delivers on time, who meets QA standards for government and medical work?

APPF Inc. offers a variety of radio frequency (RF) welding, heat sealing and sewing services to accommodate a diverse range of applications and industries. We are contract manufacturers that build to print. Our well-equipped RF welding and sealing facilities feature over 30 major pieces of equipment, including 3 computer-driven, moving head, Forsstrom track welders and the latest in computer driven cutting machines.

Our radio frequency (RF) welding services are well suited to manufacturing both small and very large components like 100’ long 300lb Shelter Panels (LAMS), tank liners, Oil Boom and Spill containment systems as well as inflatables, and other plastic components for the military and medical industry.

Thermoplastics we frequently work with include: Supported double and triple ply Urethane and PVC film and sheeting. Besides sewing we specialize in:

    Radio Frequency Welding and Sealing Most Thermoplastics
  • ✓ Urethane
  • ✓ PVC
  • ✓ EVA
  • ✓ Urethane coated Polyester and Nylon
  • ✓ PVC coated Polyester and Nylon
  • ✓ RF weldable webbing
  • ✓ Double and triple laminates

APPF relies on tried-and-true plastic dielectric welding processes and state-of-the-art computer driven equipment to meet high standards across the board. With our broad range of experience and extensive inventory of radio frequency welding equipment, our radio frequency heat sealing services will be tailored to your precise specifications. We build a wide range of products as diverse as radar and laser reflective Navy target balloons and Class I medical devices to one set of high standards. This is possible because we follow CGMP specifications which is why it is possible for our radio frequency (RF) welding services to deliver 1st quality products every time. All of our Medical Devices are FDA Class 1 Certified and compliant with ISP 9001:2008

Please contact us today for a quote without obligation or to learn how our RF heat sealing services can help you.


RF Sealing Capabilities

Industries Served
RF Sealing Applications
Class I Medical Devices
  • Physical Positioning Device for Surgical Tables
  • Radiation Therapy Positioning Device
  • Urinary drainage bags
Gas mask hood
Haz-Mat Containers
Inflatable Products
Medical Catch bags
Modular Bed Systems
Large Area Maintenance Shelter panels
Navy Target Balloons
Oil Booms/spill containment
Pet Products
Water Mattresses
Tank liners
Wheel Chair Cushions
Urethane Coated Polyester
Vinyl Coated Polyester
RF Sealable Webbing
Tooling Custom Dies Designed Per Project
Secondary Capabilities
Die Cutting
Hot Stamping
Manufacturability Consulting
Product Procurement
Project management
Screen Printing
Production Volume Min
Varies with job complexity
Industry Standards
  • Central Contractor Registration CAGE # 1NLJ3
  • Veteran Owned Small Business
Current Good Manufacturing Practices (Followed for Medical Devices)
Food And Drug Administration (Compliant)
  • Licensed Class 1 Medical device manufacture
International Organization for Standardization
  • ISO 9001:2008 (Compliant)
Military Specifications
  • Mil-I-45208
Buy American Act
File Formats
Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
Portable Document Format

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