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Have you ever had problems with a leaking pipe and you're now looking for a plumber in Agoura Hills? Search no more, and give us a call at Thousand Oaks Plumbing!

Do I need a plumber?

If you did not notice any abnormal water bills lately, or moist, or a foul sewer smell, most probably you will not need a plumber. If any of these signs pop, you will most likely need to call a specialist. In some cases, a broken pipe will be hard for you to find it since it may run behind a wall. An experienced plumber, however, will identify and will fix the problem immediately.

A leaking pipe will not only make your water bill go high but can pose a severe threat to your house's structure and your health. It is essential for you not to neglect any damp spots on the walls. A humid place is favorable to a fungal or mold infestation that can spread to your entire home.

The best plumber in Agoura Hills

Despite a general belief that a plumber is needed only when you have an overflowing toilet, we can help you with several other works. Our services can include:

  • Leak repair – this is part of our primary services. Our technician has the know-how and the equipment to handle a wide range of piping issues. Based on his experience, he can recommend a quick fix for your emergency or a complete re-piping.
  • Drain cleaning – a clogged pipe is typically associated with water to backup and to overflow in your bathroom or kitchen. Reasons are food, hair, or any other type of debris accumulated in your pipes. A plunger or drain cleaning chemicals may be a quick fix, but our technician will make sure that your full piping system is clean and works correctly.
  • Sewer repair – a foul smell, a slow drain or unusual noises coming from your pipes are an indication that something is not going well. Our technician will asses your sewer line, sometime even doing a video inspection, and will give you an estimate. Based on the emergency, we can then schedule the works to start.
  • Water heaters – our technician can install or repair a leaking water heater. He will also advise you on an energy efficient water tank suitable for your budget and your family if needed.
  • Garbage disposal repair – it is not something that you cannot do, but it is advisable to leave a plumber in Agoura Hills do the job. The sharp blades or stuck objects inside may cause injuries if you do not handle them properly.

What is service plumbing?

It is a commitment from our side that you will get specialized support in case of any emergency. As a professional service plumbing company, we are available 24/7 to solve on priority any problem may arise.

Our dedicated customer care staff at Thousand Oaks Plumbing will take your call and will direct the team to your premises. No matter the emergency, we will make sure that we fix the problem in the shortest possible time.

Plumber Agoura Hills