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RF Welded & Sewn Urethane or PVC Surgical Positioning Device for the Medical Industry

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Industrial Sewing of a Urethane Surgical Positioning Device
Industrial Sewing of a Urethane Surgical Positioning Device
Allen Medical
APPF for Allen Medical
Allen Medical
APPF for Allen Medical
APPF partnered with
Allen Medical, a Hill-Rom Company on this project.

Click this link to vist Allen's website.

Because of our commitment to upholding the highest medical standards, our clients rely on our superior industrial sewing services to fabricate this urethane surgical positioning device for the medical industry. Measuring 46" long and 42" wide, each device weights 7 lbs. and features 2" wide straps. We hold tolerances down to +/- .06", +/- 5°, and a maximum .125" edge distance for welds. This device is manufactured with  TPU Urethane & Polystyrene beads.

To fabricate the surgical positioning device, APPF uses a combination of RF welding, industrial sewing, and assembly. We orient and weld 90° valves into position, and weld in a urethane reinforcement patch. We also weld the top and bottom layers together and weld the grommets in place.

We then use industrial sewing to stitch the straps, using black or white thread, making sure the stitching adheres to a 4-point 3-7 SPI pattern. We then sew a buckle to the strap, and sew the strap around the lower inside bar of the buckle.

Assembly requires crimping a suction valve into the open end of the 90° valve. We glue clear tubing into the valve using tetrahydrofuran. We then fill the device with polystyrene beads. Additionally, we screen print artwork onto the devices in accordance with customer specifications.

Throughout manufacturing, we visually inspect each device for holes and tears in the material, and twist all valves 180° to check for tears around the base of the valve. We then ensure the straps are fully stitched to the positioner; we evacuate the positioner, let it sit for 15 minutes, and check for loss of vacuum. Throughout manufacturing, we rely on a combination of machinery for RF welding and industrial sewing, including, but not limited to:

  • 30 kW Thermatron double-shuttle 4-post machine
  • 4 kW valve welding machines
  • 10 kW computer-driven RF machine with an automatic rotary table
  • Juki programmable sewing machine

AFFP's top-notch machinery allows us to provide RF heat sealing and industrial sewing services that always surpass expectations: our surgical positioning devices are just one example of how our plastic welding continues to meet even the most stringent medical standards. For more information about our custom fabrication, please contact APPF.

Industrial Sewn Urethane Surgical Positioning Device Specifications

Product Description This Custom Surgical Position Devices is used within the Medical Industry.
  • Enables secure positioning in robotic procedures
  • Integral straps secure to OR table rails
Capabilities Applied/Processes
RF Welding:
  • Orient & Weld 90° Valves Into Position
  • Weld in Urethane Reinforcement Patch
  • Weld Top & Bottom Layers Together
  • Weld Grommets In Place
Industrial Sewing:
  • Stitch Straps Using White or Black Thread
    • 4 Point 3-7 SPI Pattern
  • Sew Buckle to Strap 2x
  • Sew Strap Around Lower Inside Bar of Buckle
  • Crimp  Suction Valve into Open End of 90° Valve
  • Glue Clear Tubing into Valve Using Tetrahydrofuran
  • Insert Barbed End of Hand Pump into Tubing
  • Fill with Polystyrene Beads
Screen Printing:
  • Print Artwork onto Product as per Drawings
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 30KW Thermatron Double Shuttle 4 Post Machine
4KW Valve Welding Machines
10KW Computer Driven RF Machine
  • Automatic Rotary Table
Juki Programmable Sewing Machine
Equipment used is not Limited to the Above List.
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 46.00"
Width: 42.00"
Straps: 2" Wide
Tightest Tolerances ±.06"
.125" Max. Edge Distance on Welds
Material Used TPU Urethane
Polystyrene Beads
Finish Screen Printed in White Ink
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Measure Overall Dimensions
Visually Inspect:
  • For Holes or Tears in Material
  • For Tears Around Valve Area
  • To Insure Straps are Fully Stitched to the Positioner
Twist Valves 180° and Check for Tears around Base of Valve
Evacuate Positioner Let Sit for 15 Minutes Than Check for Loss of Vacuum
Estimated Product Weight 7 lbs.
Industry for Use Medical
Turn Around Time 4-6 Weeks
Packaging Individually Boxed
Delivery Location FOB our Factory in Garden Gove, California
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Class 1 FDA Medical Device
Product Name Surgical Positioning Device

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