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Custom Webbing for the Military & Private Industry

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Custom Webbing Straps for the Military & Private Industry
Custom Webbing Straps for the
Military and Private Industry
Automatic programmable webbing, cutting, marking & hole punching machine
Automatic programmable webbing
cutting, marking & hole
punching machine
Webbing Precision Marking and Cutting
Webbing Precision Marking and Cutting
Industrial Sewn Military Webbing Straps
Industrial Sewn Military
Webbing Straps
Military Webbing Straps
Military Webbing Straps
Webbing Straps with Ratchets
Webbing Straps with Ratchets

Used in conjunction with a large area maintenance shelter (LAMS) tension fabric building panel, these custom webbing straps are fabricated by APPF Inc. using a combination of industrial sewing, radio frequency (RF) welding, and marking. In accordance with a customer-supplied print, each strap is made on a programmable sewing machine and features a 4-point, 6-9 SPI pattern. A Sheffield programmable web-cutting machine measures, cuts, and marks the material, and we heat seal all webbing ends using RF welding. we use polyester webbing and 3-cord polyester thread as our primary materials, along with aluminum rings and a steel ratchet buckle.

As with all our industrial sewing services and projects, our webbing straps are made in accordance with all client specifications and standards. We're pleased to provide our custom webbing straps within a 2 to 4 week window, and package all orders according to customer requirements.

To learn more about our custom webbing straps and other custom products, please contact APPF.

Custom Webbing Strap Specifications

Product Description These custom sewn Webbing Straps are used with a LAMS tension fabric building application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Industrial Sewing:
    • 4 Point, 6-9 SPI as Per Print
    RF Welding:
    • Heat Seal All Webbing Ends
    • Mark w/Drawing # and Rev.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Programmable Sewing Machine
Sheffield Programmable Web Cutting Machine
  • Measures, Cuts, Marks the Material
Overall Part Dimensions To Customer Specifications
Tightest Tolerances 1/16th
Material Used Polyester Webbing
3 Cord Polyester Thread
Aluminum Rings
Steel Ratchet
Color Black
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed ISO 9001:2008
Industry for Use Military, Government, and Private Industry
Turn Around Time 2-4 Weeks
Packaging Per Customer Requirements
Delivery Location FOB our Factory in Garden Grove, California
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
ISO 9001:2008
Product Name Custom Webbing Straps

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