Industrial designer

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Industrial designer

The design is the look and functionality of a product. Industrial design involves designing a product for mass production.

An industrial designer is responsible for the development of the concept, look, and functionality of a consumer product for mass production. They combine creative art, engineering, and business to formulate products.

They are the guys behind industrial revolution. They are also known as product designers by many.

Characteristics of a Good Industrial Designer

Do you ever ask yourself: what are the attributes of an excellent industrial designer? This question can help in choosing the right designer to create your products.

Below are four attributes to look out for in a designer:

1. Innovation: the best industrial designers are the ones that come up with state-of-the-art designs. Only designers will great computer skills can produce these drawings.

When an idea is tabled before an industrial designer, he or she thinks about the actualization of the concept. Only great thinkers can come up with innovative designs that will work.

2. Great Technical Abilities: industrial designers innovate, draw, build and create. This requires excellent technical knowledge of the system of the product they are trying to develop. For example, an automobile design needs you to understand how the engine of a car works.

3. Excellent Computer Skill: A considerable part of the industrial design is focused on constructing components of the consumer products with CAD engineering software. These drawings are necessary to help quote price for manufacturing companies and drawing realistic rendering to include in your business plans or present at investors’ meetings.

4. Great Building Skills: Every designer is required to build a prototype to test the realism of the proposed concept. An industrial designer who cannot build good prototypes is going to design unsafe products. And this could land you in hot waters if there are lawsuits for accidents because of the product’s deficiencies.

Partner with Us.

Why should you partner with us? At Tarlow Designs, we use our Solidworks CAD software for product drawings. Ken Tarlow, our founder and principal designer at Tarlow Designs, has been designing innovative products for the past 30 years. He has over 70 patents to his name. Ken has been building things since he was seven and that is because he is a talented, passionate, and excellent builder.

Our principal is a well-trained, experienced, award-winning industrial designer with over 70 patents to his name.

We have designed over 500 products that have sold, cumulatively, over a billion dollars. The products include TurboWash; over 10 million sold, Airplane Headset; over 60 million sold, and Fast Track Tie Rack; over 2 million sold.

In addition to design, we have developed several types of product, making us knowledgeable in almost every product category including sports, health, medical equipment, and furniture.

Through designing and developing a wide variety of products, we have become conversant with several materials and manufacturing technology. We have also worked with several manufacturers across several industries all over the world. Therefore, it does not matter the type of product you want to create, Tarlow Designs will make it.