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Forsstrom Track Welder

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Forsstrom Track Welder

The key to welding tent panels, tarps and other large scale products, is to have a machine large enough to handle the job. 

For APPF, that is the Forsstrom Traveling Head Track Welder.

Some of our capabilities include: 

  • Long Table for Large-Scale Welding: The Forsstrom machine operates on a 5ft x 135ft table, enabling the production of extensive welded products. This capacity is crucial for manufacturing large items like tarpaulins, industrial curtains, and sizable entertainment industry creations.
  • Reduced Material Handling: With operators traveling along the platform, there’s minimal need to manually move materials, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient production process. This also reduces the risk of errors and increases safety.
  • Versatility in Welding: The machine can perform long, straight welds or execute multiple welds in a single pass, providing flexibility for various product designs and complex welding requirements.
  • Consistent Weld Quality: The solid-state monitoring controls ensure consistent welds, crucial for maintaining product integrity and meeting high-quality standards. This consistency is key for products like inflatable structures and industrial curtains, where safety and durability are paramount.
  • Multiple Welding Points: The programmable gantry allows for multiple welds in a single pass, significantly increasing productivity and reducing the time required to complete complex welding projects.
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication: Creating large welded products such as industrial curtains, tarpaulins, inflatable structures, and large-scale tents, along with specialized items for the entertainment industry, for various government agencies, aerospace industry and other specialized products.
This allows us to tackle even the largest format jobs you can come up with, and provide fast, perfect welds every time, while keeping our handling costs to a minimum. These machines have allowed us to do everything from Large Area maintenance Shelter (LAMS)Panels, to massively long Urethan Tubes, to even custom movie screens used by the film industry for “Postcards from Earth” currently playing at the Sphere in Las Vegas.  (pictured at top of page.)

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