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About APPF, Inc.

APPF Warehouse

For over 27 years, APPF has been the leading choice for specialized contract manufacturing work building products to customer specifications.

Our clients include from the military, medical, aerospace and consumer industries to mention a few.

APPF continues to be the first choice for domestic and international contract manufacturing, custom products and much more.

Unlike many other contract manufacturers, APPF routinely assists our customers with methods to improve their products, refine their own proprietary intellectual property and overall processes based on our cumulative knowledge and expertise as industry leaders for since 1987.

In an industry where quality control, ability for quick ramp up and the importance of confidentiality, APPF outshines the competition year after year.

APPF specializes in RF Welding (heat sealing) and sewing PVC and Urethane building parts to customer specification.

Additionally, we provide design and development work that includes a production order.

  • Inflatables, including target balloons and decoys, used in the ocean and for land based applications, with or without radar or laser reflectivity
  • Spill containment systems like a ground cloth with berm for motor pool work areas, field refueling station barriers to contain hazardous materials in handling and storage areas
  • Flexible Diesel storage fuel cells made from Urethane
  • Floating oil booms for spill containment of oil and hazardous materials used in rivers, lakes and ocean applications
  • PVC or Urethane tank liners to customer specifications
  • PVC NSF-61 FDA drinking water catchment liners built to customer specification
  • Webbing, nylon and polyester strap fabrication for use as tie downs
  • Hazardous materials disposal bags to customer specification
  • Early responder gas masks made from PVC, head piece and storage pouch
  • and much more

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