TurboFlare 360

Turboflare 360

The TurboFlare 360 is a high viability, an economical solution for those that are trying to spot our Killer Tomato Target Balloons in the dark.

TurboFlares have been used for years as road flare replacements for many years. Their thin form factor is perfect for use with our Target Balloons, because they are very easy to install. Each unit comes attached to the top of our Target Balloon, with 4 pre-installed AA batteries. Each device is tested in our factory before the balloon is packed and shipped.

Visable for up to 5 miles, we have found this to be the perfect addition to your target balloon order if you plan to train after dark.

The TurboFlare360 is only available in RED, and may add 1-2 weeks to our production time.